Office Characteristics

Proven Record in Quarter of Century

(Handled Number Cases: More than 28,000 Applications)

INTECT INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE was established by Yasuo ISHIKAWA (Japanese Patent Attorney) on 1987 in the name of ISHIKAWA INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE. The ISHIKAWA INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE merged thereafter with FUYOU INTERNATIONAL PATENT AND LAW OFFICE, and at that time, the Office Firm Name was changed from the original name of "ISHIKAWA INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE" to the present name of "INTECT INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE".


Thereafter, on November 1, 2008, Patent Service Cooperation was newly established for extension of business possibility, and then, the Patent Office was moved into Cooperation-System.

The INTECT INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE has constructed client-based-system of Intellectual Property Association to support and protect intellectual rights of clients for this quarter of century.
During over thirty years, our office handled more than 28,000 patent and trademark affairs, inclusive of concerning cases, in various fields.

Policy and Aims

We have aimed to be the best cooperator or assistant for our clients.
Our firm's name of "INTECT" is originated from INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION.
We are always paying best efforts for assisting our clients relating to various affairs concerning the intellectual properties including consulting for obtaining patent and other rights, advices and assistances for utilizing and desterilizing intellectual properties of the clients without limiting to usual application affairs as mere patent attorneys or agents. Because of that, our firm's name "INTECT" intends to aim the goal of the best cooperator for our clients to protect intellectual properties of the clients.

Patent Attorneys

Our INTECT INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE is constituted by eleven patent attorneys and two technical staves and many clerks for assisting the patent attorneys and technical staves.
These patent attorneys, technical staves and official clerks are all professional workers in their specific fields and always work for providing professional high and advanced intellectual services to our clients in every field including mechanical, electric, electronic, chemical, biological, metallurgical, etc, technical fields.
Moreover, in our INTECT INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE, an attorney at law exist as full-time attorney at law as partner, who is specialist for assisting and dealing with appeal affairs. court cases, agreement, contract, etc, as well as legal intellectual matters.

Assistance for Venture Business

Our country of Japan has a history of continuously establishing equal international relations to Western countries in technical power and capabilities. In recent years, however, large corporations or enterprises who try to be active or fight in front line regardless of taking considerable risk. Whereas, in Japan, there exist many small- and medium-sized firms or enterprises who have high technical power and specific experience, and our INTECT INTERNATIONAL PATENT OFFICE positively concern assistance to every venture business which occupies key position as world-leading technical state in Japan now and in future.